Saturday, March 28, 2015

10 Months

Our little Tommy is 10 months old today!  Oh I love this kid! We all love this kid!  Ever since he's come home there's been a sweeter, more peaceful/stronger spirit in our home.  I feel it every time I go pick him up in the morning or from a nap (even if he's only slept for 10 min :( ).  I need to remember and cherish it bc it may not last forever, especially once he hits 2 or 3 years old. 
Because he was born 2 months early he's a bit behind developmentally but I just like to think he gets to stay my baby a little longer.
Here's a few new and important things about our Tommy:
-He loves to crawl and pull himself up on everything.
-loves to walk along edges, holding on
-loves to crawl into our fireplace (don't worry we don't use it)
-loves old fashioned oatmeal (for every meal)
-nurses 4-5 x a day
-is probably only 17 lbs
-adores Benson and tolerates Lucy (mostly bc she smothers him, constantly)
-sleeping from 7pm-4:30ish am, with two one hr naps
-has had two ear infections in the last 2 months and I think he may have another one :(
-is so cute when he plays with his dad, they have a very special relationship

Friday, November 28, 2014

6 Months Old

Our Tommy is 6 months old! How did time pass so quickly?!?! We love this little guy and are so happy he's apart of our family!
Because he was 2 months early it's been interesting to see how he develops.  Right now he's between 4 to 6 months.  The Dr says he'll be all caught up by 2 yrs.  But I'm loving how small and baby-ish he's been for a longer period of time. 

His stats...
-13 lbs 5 oz
-25 1/4 in long
-17 in head
-wears 3-6 month clothes (can fit into some 6 month)
-super happy guy
-very ticklish
-loves mom the most
-loves to be held
-sleeps very little :( usually 2 half hour naps during the day and about 3 hrs at night (it's killing me)
-eats every 3-4 hrs
-rolls over either way but won't last long on his tummy
-grabbing and trying to put things into his mouth
-loves moms water bottle
-loves his brother and sister, thinks they are hilarious
-laughs a ton
-can sit with a little support

 His dad was super excited he fit into this onesie for the football game
 Working on sitting up
 Getting in on the Christmas decorating and playing (Lucy keeps telling us that Tommy is our baby Jesus)
 Floor time/playing with siblings while dad naps

Monday, May 26, 2014

Finished House!!

Our house is finished!! Hallelujah!! And we love it!  It was a crazy process but it's done.  And no, I don't think I'd ever do this again.  I'd rather build from the ground up than demo and build within an existing structure. 

Here's the finished pictures: (alot of them)

Finished house: new roof and garage, new lights and windows

 The patio turned mudroom/pantry

Living room from the front door.  We kept the rock on the fireplace but redid the mantle.
 Anther view form the front door looking through the living room into the dining room.
 The front door and window
The stairs
Full kitchen view
The light above the sink is original to the house.  It was in a downstairs bedroom.  I love it.
 Loving all the cabinet space and the double oven
 View from the mudroom into the kitchen/dining room
Pantry.  I love it.
 Mudroom and doors to the garage and outside

The above picture is the hallway off the living room. Below is the nursery
Hall closet
 Upstairs bathroom
 Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Master closet
 Anthony will get the hanging space and the far left shelves
 I get this and the shelves in the center of the picture above

Bottom of the stairs landing with door to the backyard
 Looking from landing into family room and hallway
 Landing and door

Windows to play area under the stairs (one of my most favorite parts of the house!!)
 Downstairs hallway
 Downstairs bathroom

Lucy's room. I love it

 Benson's room (we promised him a blue stripe)

Family room.  If you remember the before pictures there was a water feature and mural on that wall.
 Family room looking into the playroom
 Playroom looking at doors to storage, utility and laundry
 Play room with door to under the stairs play area
Laundry room

 Cold storage room.  The stairs originally came down right here.

Well that's it.  We're planning on moving in once this little guy gets here.  We can't wait!!